5 Questions to Ask for Better TEM

In Valicom's 26 years of telecom expense management, we've learned how much it pays to be aware, organized, and have the right tools in your arsenal.

It can be a little overwhelming to manage the many moving parts in your telecom budget. Asking the following five questions will help you gain awareness and clarity into your telecom spend.


Telecom is one of the top corporate expenses rife with overpayment. 
Gain visibility into your environment and start saving.


"Wireline" simply means "not wireless"; in other words, a regular telephone. Even in this day of wireless technology, we'd bet every desk in your building still has a phone sitting on it. 

Telecom is one of the top five corporate expenses and is an area that's rife with overpayment. Don't continue paying for services you don't use. Gaining visibility into your environment generates savings and our expense management software can compile and maintain the complete and accurate information needed to control costs.

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Companies are experiencing an explosion of wireless devices and mobile expenses are skyrocketing. Managing voice and data plans, wireless invoice auditing and wireless plan optimization all combine to make wireless expense management an enormous task.

Whether you need help building an accurate asset inventory, or assistance negotiating contracts to ensure best pricing, Valicom has software tools and managed services to address the problem.

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At the core of telecom expense management is maintaining detailed, up-to-date telecom or wireless inventory. Telecom inventory management usually includes:

  • Organizing and updating telecom and wireless inventory data
  • Listing all devices, plans, circuits, and lines you have
  • Tracking all telecom orders and changes
  • Interpreting and entering CSR data
  • Properly associating telecom inventory with locations, users, GL codes, etc.
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