IT COST CONTROL: Five warning signs that fast growing companies are overwhelmed

This webinar is presented by Hyoun Park with Amalgam Insights and Valicom 

It's easy to lose control of IT costs when companies grow quickly. Those that lose track of IT costs will give up valuable funds that could be used to hire talent or acquire key assets.

In this webinar, Amalgam CEO and Principal Analyst Hyoun Park and Telecom Expense Management vendor Valicom explore 5 big warning signs that company IT spend is going off the rails and then how to fix these issues via either a software, back office support, or managed services solution. 

Topics Include:

  • Dealing with teenage IT in high growth companies
  • Identifying your breaking points of managing IT
  • Why funding can be an IT challenge
  • Your 3 Options: in-house, back office, managed services
  • Key recommendations

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